Homeowners age 55 and over can take advantage of the Proposition 90 tax transfer at The Overlook, The Elms and The Oaks, but not for long! El Dorado County’s Board of Supervisors recently voted to end the county’s participation in Proposition 90.

If you’d like to keep your current property tax base when purchasing a new home in El Dorado Hills, you must be in escrow by November 7th of this year!

Buy a new Renasci home and lock-in lower property taxes with Prop 90! Explore our new home offerings in El Dorado Hills, today!

Renasci Homes and its representatives are not providing tax or legal advice. To find out if you qualify for the benefits of Proposition 90, consult a tax professional. Specific guidelines must be met to qualify for Proposition 90 benefits. Contact the California State Board of Equalization for more information.