Renasci Development is honored to have been featured in this month’s Modern Builder + Design Magazine.

WITH A TEAM that has built thousands of homes, Renasci Development understands the market.

The experienced executive bench knows what families want in a home and have the added knowledge in educating themselves to know what other builders need when developing finished lots. The group has utilized their expertise and attention to quality and applied that to the company, founded in 2013. It has taking off successfully, especially in northern California.

Renasci is taking several neighborhoods to market, designing contemporary homes that are energy efficient, attractive and meet the diverse needs of today’s families. At the same time, the company is looking for potential projects where lots can be developed – for Renasci or for other builders.

“My focus is across the entire spectrum of the residential space,” CEO Steve Kessler says. “We have a homebuilding operation that’s active, and I am always looking for Based in Agoura Hills. California, privately funded Renasci Development understands homebuyers and homebuilders – from lot to home design.the right entitlement project that I can ultimately build out, or opportunities that are larger and need land development work where I can develop lots for other builders.”

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